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Yarmolchuk, Vladimir; Mukan, Ivan; Grygorenko, Oleksandr; Tolmachev, Andrey; Shishkina, Svitlana; Shishkin, Oleg; Komarov, Igor

An entry into hexahydro-2H-thieno[2,3-c]pyrrole 1,1-dioxide derivatives. (Journal Article)

The Journal of organic chemistry, 76 (17), pp. 7010-6, 2011.

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Sakhno, Yana; Shishkina, Svetlana; Shishkin, Oleg; Musatov, Vladimir; Vashchenko, Elena; Desenko, Sergey; Chebanov, Valentin

Diversity oriented heterocyclizations of pyruvic acids, aldehydes and 5-amino-N-aryl-1H-pyrazole-4-carboxamides: catalytic and temperature control of chemoselectivity. (Journal Article)

Molecular diversity, 14 (3), pp. 523-31, 2010.

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Muravyova, Elena; Desenko, Sergey; Musatov, Vladimir; Knyazeva, Irina; Shishkina, Svetlana; Shishkin, Oleg; Chebanov, Valentin

Ultrasonic-promoted three-component synthesis of some biologically active 1,2,5,6-tetrahydropyrimidines. (Journal Article)

Journal of combinatorial chemistry, 9 (5), pp. 797-803, 2007.

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