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Omelchenko, Irina; Shishkin, Oleg; Gorb, Leonid; Leszczynski, Jerzy; Fias, Stijn; Bultinck, Patrick

Aromaticity in heterocyclic analogues of benzene: comprehensive analysis of structural aspects, electron delocalization and magnetic characteristics. (Journal Article)

Physical chemistry chemical physics : PCCP, 13 (46), pp. 20536-48, 2011.

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Pivnenko, Nikolay; Turov, Alexander; Abakumov, Vladimir; Kutulya, Lidiya; Shishkina, Svetlana; Shishkin, Oleg

Molecular structures of regioisomeric 7-arylidene hexahydroindazoles from (1)H NMR spectra. (Journal Article)

Magnetic resonance in chemistry : MRC, 47 (6), pp. 488-96, 2009.

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Shishkin, Oleg; Palamarchuk, Gennady; Gorb, Leonid; Leszczynski, Jerzy

Intramolecular hydrogen bonds in canonical 2'-deoxyribonucleotides: an atoms in molecules study. (Journal Article)

The journal of physical chemistry. B, 110 (9), pp. 4413-22, 2006.

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