From the inventors of dual-source technology, Agilent Technologies offers a full range of small molecule systems for all applications and budgets. Combining precision hardware with user-inspired crystallographic software, Xcalibur, Gemini and SuperNova systems demonstrate Agilent’s continued innovation and leadership in chemical crystallography.
Complete Gemini A Ultra system with external X-ray chiller
Xcalibur and Gemini
The traditional sealed tube single-source Xcalibur and dual-source Gemini systems offer Agilent’s most affordable single-crystal diffractometers.

• Single or dual (Gemini) fine-focus
Enhance X-ray sources
• Select our fast readout CCD detectors
for highest sensitivity (Eos) or large
active area (Atlas)
CrysAlisPro with optional AutoChem2.0 is user-inspired software for superior data quality and automation.

Xcalibur with Enhance X-ray source and Eos CCD
Benefits of the Xcalibur and Gemini
• Superior affordability with no compromise in data quality
• Gemini is dual-source configuration (Mo and Cu) for the complete range of applications
• Exchangeable collimators for flexible X-ray beam size
• Fully automated with CrysAlisPro and optional AutoChem2.0
• Hardware and software update reports by email — stay in touch with your system wherever you happen to be
• Automated workflows or manual control — perfect for new and advanced users